On-site system

1. Choose the outfit you want to be portrayed with; most of our clients prefer to wear casual clothes, or get disguised, rather than the wedding ones...

2. Come to the studio and get ready in our changing-room

3. Decide the scale you want to be shrunk to; the size of the cake should help you define the size of the 3d sculpture.

4. Prepare the pose that better reflects you, the one that shows how you feel inside; sitting, standing, smiling, simulating a situation...

5. Pose in our 3D scanner; do not move for 2,5 seconds and let's go again; you will have 3 takes to choose from.

6. In about three weeks your photo-sculpture, your personal cake topper, will be ready; you can pick it up at the studio or get it shipped to you. Delivery time can vary at holiday and vacation periods; shipment cost is not included on our price list.

Sculptarium system

1. Take photos of the head of the person you want to immortalize (instructions below on the right); for photo-sculptures taken at our 3d studio please visit 3d-u.com. 2. Send us the photos or bring them to the studio; include at least one full-body photograph. 3. Choose the body among a selection we shall prepare from our extensive collection of bodies of real people. 4. Decide the scale of the 3d sculpture, you have five scales to choose from; the size of the figure will depend on where it will be displayed. 5. We prepare a 3d model of the head using your photos and we shall apply it to the body you have chosen. 6. In about three weeks your 3d sculpture will be ready; you can pick it up at the studio or get it shipped to you (shipment is not included on our prices). For more information go to our Frequently Asked questions section


Except in the case of small children, photo-sculptures are made individually to guarantee a good 360º vision of the portrayed person. To do couples or groups rehearse the pose of each person: when sculptures are put together the original scene will be recreated. If you want to carry an object, please consult us (objects are not included on our price list).

Choose plain colours, when the size is reduced details like small prints tend to disappear; in average everything will be reduced some 10 times, 1mm will become 0.1mm. Do not bring stripes or checks. Total black outfits have low visual interest. Do not choose very shiny or glossy fabrics, we use a matte material. Sculpture does not allow for transparencies to be reproduced, we do not make eyeglasses.

If you have chosen the smaller scales, care for the posture; the smallest parts of the figures could easily break (fingers, hands, arms). Areas that are invisible to the cameras cannot be perfectly reproduced, avoid creating holes. You must stay still during the 2.5 seconds of each take: choose a comfortable posture in order not to move.>

How to take pictures for the Sculptarium system

You should take pictures from the front, both profiles and rear of the person keeping the same expression;

The photos should be vertically aligned at the height of the subject's eyes;

Physically move away and zoom in so that the head almost completely fills the frame;

Use the flash and avoid direct lights that could generate unwanted shadows;

Take the pictures with no eyeglasses; if the hair hides the face in the profiles, you should take two sets of photos, with loose hair and hair collected;

how to take photos - correct how to take photos - wrong

3D Scanning

With ThreeDee-You you get amazingly realistic 3d models at the lowest cost in the shortest time.

How long do you need to spend to create a model that looks real on the screen? How much does that time cost? How many opportunities are lost simply because it is not possible to meet the deadline?

ThreeDee-You delivers fantastic photo-realistic 3d models within just a few days. And all you have to do is bringing the original to our studio.

ThreeDee-You uses the latest scanning technology in the world. A 3d model by ThreeDee-You will have a resolution equivalent to 50 points per cm2 in the original (for our typical configuration with the subject at 2m from the lenses) and needs a minimum scanning time (2.5 seconds in total for 360º). This allows the modeling of living beings. We use low-intensity white light, with no negative effects on the scanned subject.

We give you a file with the resolution you need in a number of standard 3d formats.

Tell us what you need to scan, we will advise on all the details so that the result is almost as real as reality itself.

scanning proccess
printing proccess

3D Printing

ThreeDee-You makes virtual reality become real.

A character that you designed in 3d and you want to convert into a doll, you designed the pilot house of a new development and you urgently need a model for a presentation, you just designed a kettle and want to know how you perceive the real object in hand . We have similar cases in ThreeDee-You everyday.

Bring or send your file by e-mail (info@3d-u.com) for us to evaluate the possibility of converting your design into a real object is all you have to do. Files should be in 3d, closed as solids, with all the normals facing outwards. Vertex colour. We prefer .ply files, but we can accept other formats (get in touch with our staff). It is important that you remove or change parts or areas that are too small or too thin as they could break (we'll help you on this).

ThreeDee-You uses state of the art four colour 3d printing technology: 300pp resolution both in volume and color are more than ensure to ensure correct shape. Very nice touch, similar to biscuit or raw porcelain. Generous maximum dimensions of approximately 40x30x25cm. Delivery time: just a few days, much less than traditional processes of production of prototypes and models.

Your prototype, or your actual model, solid, in color, life like, will be handled or shipped to you in special protective packaging. Ready to be exposed. This is what rapid prototyping can do for you.

price list
price table sculptarium
scale with coins


ThreeDee-You photo-sculptures prices vary from 69.50€ to 299.50€ , depending on the height of the person and the scale you choose (see table). There are special prices for children with less than 1m high. Check our prizes for 3D sculptures made from pictures here.

The final size of the 3d sculpture depends on the scale and the actual height of the person; the 3d figurine of an adult of 1.70m height will measure from 13.1cm, at mini scale, up to 22.7cm, at super scale (see table).

On the photograph you can see a group of photo-sculptures produced at each of our 5 scales; the 0.50€ coins give a reference of the actual size.

All prices shown are per person, in EURO, VAT included. Prices can change with no previous notice.

Extras for difficult postures, colour changes, long skirts, etc., from 9.50€ to 29.50€. The price of objects depends on the size of the object and the chosen scale.

Discount of 20.00€ on copies; you can order copies at different scales. Please consult us for special conditions for groups and families.

Shipments everywhere in the world in protective packaging. Shipment is not included in the prices shown.

Payment with cash or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro) at order time; bank transfer for remote orders of copies and Gift-Vouchers.


The first possibility to use photo-sculpture as a present is giving your own sculpture.

But if you prefer we have Gift-Vouchers you can buy at the studio or order by e-mail or telephone. The person who receives the Gift-Voucher will have two months to come to the studio to get the sculpture made. There are several models of Gift-Vouchers for births, weddings, birthdays, etc., you can see them on the video above. Gift-Vouchers are packed in ThreeDee-You boxes together with a leaflet that explains our work.

With a Gift-Voucher you are giving a sculpture, but the experience of coming to ThreeDee-You is valued as a second present. People enjoy the preparation: choosing the outfit, deciding the pose... This way the sculpture will be made to the taste of the person receiving the present.

You can also order copies of your cake toppers to use as gifts. The price of copies is 20.00€ less than the price of originals and you can change the scale.

The Super surprise gift

The new Sculptarium technology allows a much easier way to offer a sculpture as a gift, once it is no longer necessary for the subject to come to the studio. It's a fun way to give someone a surprise and the surprised person will hardly forget the experience.Watch it on the video above.

Many friends of the bride and groom and friends of people having their birthday choose this surprise gift option, only revealing the present during the party when the cake is shown.

If you have another idea and need our help, please get in touch with us.

FAQ's (Frequently asked questions)

Here you will find answers to practically any question or doubt you can have about ThreeDee-You, Photo-Sculpture and our personal wedding and birthday cake toppers.

In case what you want to know is not covered on this extensive list please get in touch with us:

tel.: (+34) 915 218 440

or via e-mail info@3d-u.es.

Thank you.

Legal info

The scanning process is very quick, it takes 2.5 seconds only. In order to obtain the best reproduction quality the scanned person must stay absolutely still during that time. Our personnel gets two or three takes of each person, in order to achieve the best results. The choice of the take that will be used for production is ThreeDee-You’s prerogative; this choice will take in consideration technical criteria, like the absence of movement, for example.

Nevertheless, ThreeDee-You is not to be held responsible for shape and/or colour imperfections originated by client’s movements, even if unperceivable by the eye, during the scanning time. There is no way ThreeDee-You can detect differences, sometimes of millimetres, between the original and the reproduction.

ThreeDee-You recommends wearing colour clothes, preferably plain; avoid totally black outfits, shiny and high heels. Regarding the reproduction of hair, ThreeDee-You informs that it can only be done by interpretation, loose fibres and the space in between cannot be automatically transformed in a solid. The posture must be comfortable to minimize movement and allow for the good balance of the sculpture. Eyeglasses are not reproduced, as the materials we use are not transparent.

ThreeDee-You draws your attention to the fact of sculptures being much smaller than the original: small details can disappear or even break.

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